When you come to us, you’ll have access to a team that works criminal cases from traffic tickets in city court through racketeering and drug trafficking cases in federal court. Whatever criminal penalties you may be facing, trust us to give your case dedicated attention while we work toward the best possible resolution.



What most people know about criminal cases comes from state courts. Suspended sentences, lengthy probation terms and generous “good time” credits simply do not exist in the federal criminal courts. If you are facing criminal charges in federal court, you need an attorney that understands how the federal system work and how to best guide you through that system.

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Felony charges have a lasting impact on your ability to work and limit some important constitutional rights. Felony charges also expose you to prison time as opposed to local jail time. Some felonies require on-going registration on public databases for a period of time or for life. If you are facing felony charges, you need a counselor who can explain your options and provide solid advice and an advocate who will give your side of the story in court.




Even though misdemeanors have less severe consequences than felonies, a misdemeanor conviction can still have long-term consequences. In some cases, having a misdemeanor conviction automatically makes a second charge for the same crime a felony. There are often options available that can help you avoid a permanent conviction, but you need an attorney that will advise you of all your options and go to bat for you when negotiating with prosecutors.




Whether you are being called back to court on a probation violation or you want to modify your sentence on a previous conviction, post-conviction relief is a tool for dealing with parts of your case after the sentence has been imposed. At Hanson Legal Solutions, we can help you evaluate your post-conviction options and guide you through the procedures required to obtain post-conviction relief.




Speeding ticket? Ticket for not vaccinating your dog? Forgot to mow your yard… for a couple of months? There are a lot of city ordinances that can get you called into court. Having an attorney to advise you and to promote your interests during court proceedings can not only get you a better result, but it can also reduce your level of stress and anxiety.



If you were arrested in Indiana and no criminal charges were filed, you may be able to remove the arrest record immediately. Call us and find out how.



Expungement of your record in Indiana is possible for many convicted offenses. In many cases, there are waiting periods and the process may be complex, depending on your record. Please call us for a free consultation and we can work with you to rebuild your life.



An expungement in Indiana may restore firearm rights lost due to a conviction. Make an appointment to discuss gun rights restoration, and let’s find out if this can be applied to your case.



If you were convicted of a Class D felony, you may be eligible to reduce the felony to a Class A misdemeanor. You must not be a registered sex or violent offender. Three years must have passed since you completed the sentence, and you must be free of any felony convictions since then.

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